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The Importance of Sex in Marriage

Written By: YesterdaysMagazette

The tradition of waiting until marriage seems to become less and less practiced as the years go by. These days, the amount of people who are having premarital sex is staggering. Is it wrong?

One of the biggest things that break up marriages is money issues. Another big issue is sexual satisfaction. If two people in love don’t know whether or not they are sexual compatible, that can cause problems once they get married and start to have sex.

In fact, it is advised that married couples who have sexual relationship problems should consult with a qualified sex therapist (source).

When two people aren’t compatible in bed, one or both might start looking for alternatives eventually. This could lead to adultery but often times, it’s much less serious. Many will seek for sex toys online to pleasure themselves. However, other couples will by these adult toys to spice up their sex life.

The bottom line is, sex is important in most relationships. Although it’s not advised to go sleeping around with as many people as you can, you should consider the importance of sexual compatibility when marrying someone. In other words, sex before marriage is fine, in fact, these days, it’s recommended.

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