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The Importance of Sex in Marriage

The tradition of waiting until marriage seems to become less and less practiced as the years go by. These days, the amount of people who are having premarital sex is staggering. Is it wrong? One of the biggest things that break up marriages is money issues. Another big issue is sexual satisfaction. If two people […]

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Finding Strength During Difficult Times

Life is tough. It would be great if things always turned out the way we want it but that’s not reality. The reality is, many times, we get the things we want least. You will face many rough patches throughout life and dealing with these events can quite often be very difficult. Different people will […]

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Cutting Down the Cost of Food

Has anyone noticed the price of food going up lately? From fruits and vegetables to meats and diary products, it seems like things are getting more and more expensive. It’s not just your imagination. According to the food price outlook from the USDA, cost is on the rise. Gas and housing prices are also going […]

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